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Book Review - Twitter Power

Book Review - Twitter Power

I’d been looking for a good social media book that just focused on using Twitter as a platform, as more of my friends convinced me to use platforms like TweetDeck to simplify my social media footprint I picked up Twitter Power 2.0 after hearing much about the writer. All in all it’s a great book for beginners, it covers the basic concepts of twitter pretty well and teaches you the do’s and don’ts of the platform. It also gives you some pretty easy to understand tools and how best to use them so over all a great book for those looking to get more from their relationships on Twitter. I’ve provided a basic chapter breakdown below from the book to give you a better idea of the topics discussed and I hope you pick it up and try some of what’s in here for your own personal or corporate brand.

Introduction: What Can Twitter Do for You?

Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Social Media Landscape.

So What Exactly Is Social Media? Social Media, So What? Why Social Media Really Is a Big Deal. The Different Types of Social Media Sites—Content to Suit Every Market. A Closer Look at Microblogging. Introducing . . . Twitter! Chapter 2: What Is Twitter and Why Is It So Powerful?

Twitter and Its Successes. The Power of Twitter’s Immediate Feedback. Instant Access to Smart People 24/7. Chapter 3: Getting Started the Right Way on Twitter.

Signing Up—Does Twitter Have the Web’s Most Friendly Registration Page? Who’s on Twitter? Your First Followers! Create an Inviting Twitter Profile. Choosing Your Twitter Picture. Designing Your Twitter Profile. Designing a Commercial Background Image for Twitter. Choosing the Right Colors. Notices to Notice. Tweeting with Your Mobile Phone. Sending Your Very First Tweet. Becoming a Follower. A Word about Security. Chapter 4: Building a Following on Twitter.

Quantity or Quality: Choosing the Type of Following You Want. Quality: How to Be Intentional about Creating Your Own Network of Experts. Quantity: Seven Killer Strategies to Reaching Critical Mass on Twitter. Twitterank and Page Rank. Chapter 5: The Art of the Tweet.

Tweet Etiquette. The Benefits of Following before Twittering. How to Join a Conversation. How to Be Interesting on Twitter. How to Drive Behavior. Chapter 6: The Magic of Connecting with Customers on Twitter.

Identifying Problems and Soliciting Feedback. Discovering Your Top Fans, Promoters, and Evangelists. Your Micro Help Desk. Chapter 7: Leveraging Twitter for Team Communication.

Twitter for Virtual Team Leaders. Creating a Twitter Account for a Virtual Team. Building a Team with Twitter. Chapter 8: Using Twitter to Help Build Your Brand.

Create a Story. Portraying Your Brand with Your Profile. Tweet style—What to Say When You’re Building a Brand to Create Value and How to Say It. Reinforce the Core Message. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. Writing the Tweets. Win Retweets. Create Hashtags and Run Hashtag Chats. Chapter 9: Leveraging the Power of Twitter to Drive Behavior in Your Followers.

Driving Followers to a Web Site. Promoting a Blog on Twitter. Twitter as a Resource for Post Ideas. Driving Followers to the Mall. Can You Put Affiliate Links on Twitter? Driving Followers to Register. Tracking Results and Testing Strategies. Tracking Multiple Tweets. Making the Most of Twitter’s Trends. Chapter 10: Quick Ways to Make Money on Twitter.

Earn with Advertising on Twitter. Offer Specialized Services. Barter, Buy, and Sell Your Way to Profit. Chapter 11: Beyond Twitter.com: Third-Party Tools You Will Want to Know About.

SocialOomph. Twitterrific. Twhirl. Twitterfeed. Trendistic. Twellow. TweetBeep. TwitterCounter. TweetDeck. TwitThis. TweetAways. HootSuite. TwitPic. Chapter 12: Building Powerful Solutions on Top of the Twitter Platform.

So What Is an API Anyway? What Can You Do With Twitter’s API? Automating Your Twitter Experience. Creating Your Twitter App. Chapter 13: Putting It All Together.

A 30-Day Plan for Dominating Twitter. Chapter 14: Power Twitterers.

All in all like I said before it’s a great book for beginner twitter users, for those of us who have been using the service for some years now, it helps you focus your efforts in a much more robust and compelling way. Enjoy.

Book Review - Twitter Power
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Book Review - Twitter Power

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