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Book Review - Cash Flow Quadrant

Book Review - Cash Flow Quadrant

I’ve been wanting to review this book for some time now and I hope I do it justice with my quick overview. The ‘Cash Flow Quadrant’ by Robert Kiyosaki is a must-read for business owners, investors, self-employed individuals, and employees. Kiyosaki astutely analyzes the psychology of the business world and splits society into these four basic categories. Employees use words like ‘benefits’ and ‘security,’ which reveals their fear or desire for stability. Self-employed people value independence and freedom over money, while business owners look for the best employees and self-employed people to build a system capable of running on its own. Investors make money with money, allowing them to achieve great wealth without physically working.

The book offers an interesting analysis of human interactions and psychological perspectives, and Kiyosaki’s examples bring the concepts to life. The book may seem like a late-night get-rich-quick scheme, but there are nuggets worth picking up. While there is no right or wrong position in any of the four categories, the mindset is essential. The book also highlights how one’s thinking can prevent them from achieving financial success, such as self-employed individuals who refuse to hire anyone else or employees who invest in the stock market without knowledge.

Overall, the book is an intriguing read that reveals how people in business think and what drives them. It is well worth picking up a copy on Amazon or getting the audiobook.

Book Review - Cash Flow Quadrant
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Book Review - Cash Flow Quadrant

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