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The Conservative Approach to Change

The Conservative Approach to Change

We’ve all seen it: the passionate, sometimes chaotic protests that seem to dominate headlines in modern times. But when it comes to conservatives, it appears that our side has a different approach. And no, it’s not about fear or complacency. It’s about strategy, maturity, and understanding the historical context.

Conservatives tend to shun the leftist playbook, which often revolves around mass protests. The rationale? To make an impact, protests must reach a vast audience and maintain a clear, untarnished message. As the Rockdale Beto rally debacle showed us, as peaceful and successfully viral protest that made national headlines was used against conservatives and lied about.

Moreover, conservatives see protests as a less effective method of instigating change. We’re mature adults who understand that life doesn’t revolve around making noise to get our way. Indeed, our nation’s founding fathers held similar views. The esteemed John Adams, the second President of the United States, wasn’t wholly against the idea of protesting. However, he recognized the barbarism of events like the Boston Massacre and the Tea Party, and he understood that such incidents could provoke further conflict.

Adams even defended the British soldiers accused of perpetrating the Boston Massacre, not out of sympathy for their cause, but out of principle. He believed in the rule of law and the pursuit of justice, not mob rule.

For decades, the left has promoted the idea that street protests are the only path to change. But history tells a different story. Change has often come through other channels, such as the tireless efforts of dedicated individuals working behind the scenes.

Labeling conservatives as cowards for not protesting is a classic example of groupthink and identity politics. It reveals more about the accuser than the accused. Conservatives focus on donating time, money, and effort to elect the right people while simultaneously providing for their families and running businesses.

Let us embrace a spirit of competency, steady accomplishment, and open-mindedness. Instead of resorting to bitterness and judgment, we should work within the system to preserve it. After all, change doesn’t always require a bullhorn and a picket sign. Sometimes, it’s the quiet, determined efforts of everyday citizens that make the most significant impact. So until or unless bullets start flying I’ll do my best to work within the system to conserve it.

The Conservative Approach to Change
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The Conservative Approach to Change

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