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Book Overview - Delivering Happiness

This book is great for those who are in the customer service business and would like to see an example of a company truly committed to the concept of customer first for everything. Tony Hseish tries to ignore elegance and the importance of speaking well and writes the book in the same format that he talks and though there are many grammatical errors which he chooses to keep in the book, the founder of a billion dollar company does a great job at explaining his feelings not just about how he started his online shoe business but goes into massive detail about what he sees as the necessary things companies need to do to maintain a good corporate atmosphere as well as presenting the customer with the wow factor in every sale. Below is an important breakdown of the ten corps principles talked about in the book.

Top 10 ways to improve customer service…

1 ) Make customer service a priority for the whole company, not just a department, it has to come from the top.

2 ) Make Wow a verb that is part of your companies every day vocabulary

3 ) Empower and entrust your customer service reps, trust that they want to provide great service, no escalations to a supervisor

4 ) Realize that it is Okay to fire customers who abuse your employees

5 ) Don’t measure call times, don’t force employees to up sell, don’t use scripts

6 ) Don’t hide your 1800 number, it’s a message to both your customers and employees

7 ) View each call as an investment in building customer service brand, not as an expense you want to minimize.

8 ) Have the entire company celebrate great services, tell stories of wow to everyone in your company so that they know how to act.

9 ) Find and hire people who are already passionate about customer service.

10 ) Give great service to everyone, customers, employees and vendors.

Book Overview - Delivering Happiness
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Book Overview - Delivering Happiness

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