Michael Bastos

Work History

Work History


2023-2023 Director of Engineering

zCore Group

Austin, TX

Advising on software engineering related proposals and contract work as well as functioning as contract solutions architect on VA related projects.

2022-2022 Engineering Manager


Austin, TX

Managed a Team that wrote a complex Typescript based code generation tool similar to open api generator for creating streamlined and optimized SDK’s in Java, Python, Typescript and more.

Automated the deployment of auto generated code into private github code repositories while managing Beta Test Customer Demos and feedback to improve the core product.

Helped rebuild and standup an existing API into Typescript using NestJS with Prisma and SwaggerUI to coordinate development between the API and CLI teams while building new team cohesion from scratch.

Helped stabilize generating code from Postman collections as well as created a proof of concept for generating SDK’s for GraphQL API’s using their schema’s and types.

Wrote code that writes code and had to understand the levels of abstraction around how to split and self reference files, linting and build accuracy and automated test writing.

2022-2022 NFT Platform Developer (Contractor)

The Nifty

Austin, TX

Helped build a real time NFT collection pricing trends analyzer using Hotwire and created an NFT paywall that lock’s down access to only Portal NFT holders

Built Discord Bots for analyzing valid NFT Mints, Sold and Bought Transactions as well as refactored how we properly track and enrich Ethereum Transaction data.

2022-2022 Smart Contract Developer (Contractor)

Austin, TX

Wrote and taught smart contract development to companies and software teams.

Explained the Web3 world to businesses and startups looking to enter the space and or strategically plan for it.

2018-2021 Engineering Technical Lead (Mobile/Web)


Austin, TX

Served as Principle Investigator on the Kinderspot D2P2 SBIR project with a $1.3 Million Federal Award.

Built out and led the Engineering Team that created the SBIR Phase 1 and 2 application called BIZINT for a $1.5 Million federal contract win which consisted of a Flutter Mobile & Web Application with Node Express backend API and Keycloak for Authentication for the Air Force and DoD.

Ran the Engineering side of the Benefits API Team for developer.va.gov helping external consumers and VSO’s process over 40K VA Claims per month through the Benefits Intake API and auto establishing 6K Disability Claims per month using the Benefits Claims API through JSON API payloads & Oauth/SAML authentication.

Consolidated all 500+ VA Forms into a single API helping create a canonical set of end points for companies to download from and get notified when forms change within the organization via the Forms API as well as advised and supported the Department of Veteran Affair’s first official Machine Learning project around contention classifications from it’s inception.

2019-2020 CTO Advisor


Austin, TX

Helped with acquiring and understanding Austin MLS data while also brainstorming product direction and oversaw initial app development on platform, assisted with upgrading infrastructure to Cloudflare and Amazon Web Services as well as code review and technical direction.

2018-2018 Lead Python Engineer


Austin, TX

Worked for a short time to learn how a hedge fund operates and to better understand the energy industry and electricity trading while also trying to improve their Django Python application.

2017-2018 Head of Data / Head of Engineering


Austin, TX

Ran a Team of eight developers across five different platforms while still coding and project handling.

Worked on improving the processing MLS data from over fifty different providers across dozens of markets and helped perform data analysis and cleaning to ensure system integrity across all customers.

Helped with integrating a complex set of Rails, Ember and React applications into one seamless experience for the customers while assisting with migrating from legacy API’s to new and more improved versions of the platform.

2014-2017 Senior Data Engineer / Chief Technology Officer


San Diego, CA

Upon taking over as CTO I migrated remainder Legacy systems to AWS cutting costs in half, switched site over to HTTPS and improved site speed and sitemaps to allow Google to collect page content more efficiently while improving organic traffic.

Organized and automated company revenue and spend reporting while also doubling some partner revenue allowing both problems and simple fixes to be more transparent.

Created a nation wide pay per click and pay per call ad arbitrage platform that allowed us to route legitimate customer traffic and calls via geo location to the highest paying advertiser in their area.

Built a completely new Social API that allowed us to asynchronously collect social data from over 5 million businesses daily running across over 200+ machines on Amazon Web Services using spot instances.

Created a complicated set of social scores, and trending algorithms of viable business social activity which included likes, comments and shares on everything from posts, images and videos as well as sentiment analysis on all comments.

2013-2014 Mid Level Contract Software Engineer

G2 Software Systems (SPAWAR now called NAVWAR)

Point Loma, CA

Contracted to build a very large Ruby on Rails Application for the U.S. Marines, used Cucumber Automated Testing and Behavior Driven Development to complete almost 117+ User Stories (Features) giving the application almost complete test coverage.

Contracted to design and build a VMWare based DevOps and Continuous Integration (CI) framework for SPAWAR’s SSC Pacific’s R&D department setting up a private Gitlab server to handle the internal developer git workflow and Jenkins to do the automated CI testing and builds.

Contracted to work for Amco.me on four different rails applications using dependencies like ImageMagick, PDFtk and CouchDB for the Educational Electronic Textbook industry.

2012-2013 Junior Ruby & Perl Software Engineer

Gap Intelligence

Point Loma, CA

Worked on building, maintaining and upgrading a highly scalable Perl and Ruby web crawler while processing data through a number of complex Rails interfaces, running on Amazon Web Services with automated instances and random proxy IP generators.

Also spent time consulting in the WordPress space and giving talks around the country.

WordCamp Los Angeles, September 15th, 2012 (topic: Command Line WordPress Step by Step)

WordCamp New York City, June 9th, 2012 (topic: WordPress on AWS from Start to Finish)

WordCamp Phoenix, June 3, 2012 (topic: Implementing WordPress Constants)

2010-2011 SA Project Management

Sempra Utilities

San Diego, CA

Assisted in Projects involving Power and Gas Systems as well as helped with testing new Software that would be implemented to handle future project planning.

Quoted in the San Diego Tribune about San Diego’s future in Open Source

2001-2009 Personnel Manager & Logistical Sergeant

United States Marine Corps

Participated in the 2006 Surge of Marines in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq near Syria as part of the 3rd Marine Air Wing’s ground support and defense forces in the region.

Participated in Humanitarian missions in the Indian Ocean after the 2004 Tsunami during a WestPac deployment and served with 1st Marine Division’s stopping rocket attacks into Baghdad from the region of Southern Babel during the 2005 Iraqi Elections.

Ran and Maintained an entire PAC Sub Division alone due to shortage of personnel then was moved to 2 more divisions in order to assist in repairing each individually

Created software to automatically highlight major errors and discrepancies found in maintenance and supply warehouse data influencing Commanding General’s material readiness briefings to in less time present more precise problems across III MEF.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, National University, graduated May 14th 2012.


Programming Complex Systems experience going back over a decade.

Brazilian born US Citizen, Bilingual-fluent in English, Portuguese & Spanish.

Eight years of distinguished military service ending as a Sergeant of Marines.

Active U.S. government military security clearance.


Github: https://github.com/bastosmichael

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelbastos

Available upon request.

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