Michael Bastos

Creating an NFT Yatch Club

Building a Web3 based Membership Platform

Creating an NFT Yatch Club

The Non-Fungiable Token (NFT) has amused, confused and enthused entrepreneurs and software developers alike for the last few years. A large number of people own them, few really understand them, even fewer have the ability or skill to turn them into a template for a profitable business.

This book will teach you how to build smart contracts using Solidity, run and test them locally using GanacheCLI, deploy them into the block chain using Truffle or Hardhat and sell them on an active market place like OpenSea. It will also help you build a real world use case of a digital yatch club membership platform that allows you to use Web3js to validate and authorize access for users based on ownership of your NFT in their crypto wallets. You’ll learn to create real value for yourself and your NFT buyers while avoiding costly errors with your first mint or air drop.

I will explain the power of recurring revenue through the smart contract capture of a percentage of your NFT’s resale value. Finally we will discuss building and fully funding your next startup or project up front using the virtuous circle of limited minting while creating digital membership scarcity that will ultimately raise the floor price of your NFT project into the next hot commodity.

Writing Style

This book is intended to be a hands-on book, with examples of implementations in every presented concept, moving from simple to complex full working examples. It is intended to provide not only toy examples but full implementation or real use-cases for software engineers.

Target Audience

NFT Enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs, Software Developers, Venture Capitalists and Fintech workers, Influencers and anyone who runs a Membership website, Crypto industry and Web3 proponents.

Unique Selling Points

All of the most highly rated NFT books in the market right now are focused on either beginners or just a generalized view of the how and why to build an NFT, this makes sense because it’s a new industry. I want to focus on getting readers excited about developing their own Digital Yatch Club. I will explain how platforms like Bored Ape Yatch Club (BAYC) work, what makes them successful and how they drive up the floor price of their NFT, earning more with each resale in the process. While the reader can be a beginner, my title and description doesn’t talk down to the reader but rather puts them in the driver seat to build something they can really use from day one. Both beginners and long time industry experts should be excited about picking up this book.

Table of Contents

  • Basics of the Blockchain and Crypto
    Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) Smart Contracts
    Ethereum NFT Basics
    Solana NFT Growth
    Cardano NFT Complexity

  • Using Discord or Slack vs building from scratch
    Tying your NFT to an existing business
    Creating a NFT based product or service
    Finding the value in Gaming NFT’s
    Avoiding the Rug Pull Strategy

  • Choosing ERC 721 vs 1155
    Ethereum NFT writing with Solidity
    Metamask overview and basics
    Testing locally with GanacheCLI
    Deploying with Truffle or Hardhat

  • Avoid becoming an NFT spammer
    Hyping your Community
    NFT trading and floor pricing
    DeFi and alternative markets

  • Understanding OpenSea and Seaport
    Axie Infinity and the Gaming market
    The rise of Rarible and SuperRare
    Why CryptoPunks matter

  • Running Web3js for authentication
    Etherscan and Alchemy wallet analysis
    Discord bots and private channels
    Slack bots and private channels
    Building your pay wall

  • The Proxy Smart Contract Exit
    Adding Tokens as a Design Pattern
    When does a DAO make sense?
    A virtuous resale cycle

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