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A different take on Misogyny

I’ll premise this article with the following statement, Men today need fewer lessons on misogyny and more mom’s and dad’s that were willing to whip them when they did wrong at an early age.

Yes, I understand that doesn’t solve the current problem but history has shown us that you almost never solve a contemporary problem in the current generation.

It usually takes one or two for the societal problem to truly go away.

I spent 8 years in the Marines, if you want an example of mysogonistic culture look no further.

Yet I never once harassed or intimidated a girl, I’ve never even asked a girl for her number or stalked a girl and it’s not because I didn’t like them, it was because as a kid I feared my parents tremendously and that fear turned into discipline when I got older.

Yes our parents spanked us and that’s okay, there is a whole generation of parents that somehow get offended by that fact.

Now there is a whole generation of young men that think they can do whatever the hell they want because they’ve never been conditioned to listen when their parents and or society told them no.

Not all parents discipline their kids out of love so it came off as abuse and I understand that but thankfully my folks cared enough to explain why they did what they did, I eventually realized how sincere my folks were in making sure we as kids grew up to be good people.

I’m going to get crap for saying all of this because some people refuse to accept that maybe their parents didn’t teach them the right way and that’s okay, now that they are parents they don’t understand why their kids act like little shits, but it’s fine because no parent really knows what they are doing when they start and if they tell you they do then they are lying.

No parent goes into it prepared but being willing to change your views and adapt once you become a parent is what makes a difference, becoming a parent is just as much about how you influence yourself than it is about how you influence your kids.

My mom was a strong lady who grew up in a much more misogynistic society then America (I’m from Brazil) but she somehow managed to make me afraid of ever disrespecting any women even to this day which I find my wife repeatedly thanking her for.

After two combat tours I still fear my folks which is a good thing.

If a mom doesn’t want her son to become the girl gripping serial rapist that every girl fears then be willing to discipline them, don’t spank them out of hatred or anger but do it out of love and set rules that are consistent so that your kids understand where the line is.

I’ll end with this statement, I’m lucky that my dad taught me never to need anything from a women, for a guy to be able to be completely independent emotionally and physically means that he has the self control to be picky about who he interacts with, he doesn’t fall all over himself just because a girl pays attention to him.

Every guy has teenage angst and self assurance issues, and I made my fair share of mistakes but by the time I met my wife I was over all of that and it was because I didn’t need her, I wanted to be with her, big difference between the two and I could give her more love than I ever wanted from her.

I just hope I can teach my son the same things and though my daughter will inevitably meet creeps because someone’s parent didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to forgo discipline in exchange for a short term gain, I can only hope that she becomes a strong enough woman like her mother and her grand mothers and will raise her son the right way no matter what society decides is right at that period in time.

A different take on Misogyny
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