Michael Bastos Online Writings and Resume

Work History

OBJECTIVE: Results-driven Polyglot Software Engineer with a Computer Science and Military background working in San Diego remotely.


2016-2017 Chief Technology Officer: LocalStack, Lakeside, CA

Took over as CTO and immediately migrated all legacy servers over to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cutting server costs in half.

Slowly improved Organic site traffic growth by switching everything to HTTPS and reorganizing site speed and sitemaps to allow Google to collect page content more quickly and efficiently.

Organized and automated company revenue and spend reporting while also doubling some partner revenue allowing both problems and simple fixes to be more transparent.

2014-2016 Engineer & Data Scientist: LocalStack (formerly MojoPages.com), La Jolla, CA

Initially helped update and maintain original Java Spring application that the company had used for many years.

Completely rebuilt the existing app and it's features in Ruby on Rails combining it with social data scraped from Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and Twitter.

Setup the initial template that the new site would work on top of and then worked mostly on importing and processing large amounts of listing and social data for the first version of the new site as well as the MojoPages and Partner API.

Built a completely new Social API that allowed us to asynchronously collect social data from over 5 million businesses daily running across over 200+ machines on Amazon Web Services using spot instances.

Data being collected included likes, comments and shares on everything from posts, images and videos that would later be used for creating a scoring system of viable business social activity as well as future sentiment analysis of the posts and comments themselves.

Worked to implement a complicated set of social scores, and trending algorithms and charts for each business that would make more interesting and trending listings bubble up to the surface in a search and using that same collected data from the social API.

Assisted with rebuilding the UI/UX portion of the Application in a React with NodeJs and Express application while maintaining both of the original API's in Rails.

2014-2014 Lead Rails Developer: Amco (IES), Downtown San Diego, CA

Worked on four different rails applications using dependencies like ImageMagick, PDFtk and CouchDB for the Educational Electronic Textbook industry.

Initially helped upgrade an examination and testing tool for kids and teenagers which did everything from record audios and upload them for teacher review and to track the kids progress.

Moved on to working on a backend rails application that asyncronously processed PDF’s and rich media content into text book material using Redis and Sidekiq made available via CDN for a front end content web display tool and iOS application.

Responsible for integration between the iOS application backend server and the web front end viewer to upload and display new rich media content for teachers and students.

2013-2014 Ruby & Android Developer: SPAWAR (G2 Software Systems), Point Loma, CA

Contracted to build a very large Ruby on Rails Application for the U.S. Marines, used Cucumber Automated Testing and Behavior Driven Development to complete almost 117+ User Stories (Features) giving the application almost complete test coverage.

Designed the Continuous Integration (CI) framework for SSC Pacific's R&D department setting up a private Gitlab server to handle the internal developer git workflow and Jenkins to do the automated CI testing and builds.

Built DevOps Chef Recipes to deploy Rails and other applications to VMWare using Vagrant, advised on other puppet based DevOps projects.

Tasked with helping to build an Android Mobile Application for the Marines, using Calaba.sh to create Cucumber Features that can be automatically tested in the CI environment (Tests also compatible for future iOS builds).

2012-2013 Senior Ruby & Perl Software Engineer: Gap Intelligence, Point Loma, CA

Worked on building, maintaining and upgrading a highly scalable Perl and Ruby web crawler while processing data through a number of complex Rails interfaces, running on Amazon Web Services with automated instances and random proxy IP generators.

2012-2012 PHP Development Advisor: CPC Strategy, Mission Valley, CA

Taught their head developer object oriented php as well as phpspec2 testing and helped them migrate their software over to Amazon Web Services using Nginx, php5-fpm and php5-apc.

2012-2012 Perl Consultant: NetDNA, Los Angeles, CA

Helped them create their NetDNA CPAN Module and objectified their Perl API made available on github.



2010-2011 SA Project Management: Sempra Utilities, San Diego, CA

Assisted in Projects involving Power and Gas Systems as well as helped with testing new Software that would be implemented to handle future project planning.

2005-2009 Logistical Maintenance/Analyst: U.S. Marine Corps

Created and managed a complex Database to automatically highlight major errors and discrepancies found within large sums of maintenance and supply warehouse data eventually simplifying the over all data cleansing and research process. Supervised the organization of various departments resulting in the identification of shortfalls and an increase in overall production.

Oversaw the shipment of millions of dollars worth of combat equipment for the Depot Level Maintenance Program extending the overall life cycle of the gear.

Simplified the information gathering tools for the Commanding General's material readiness briefs and was able to, in less time, present more precise and accurate on the spot information for problems and solutions than had been previously possible.

2001-2005 Resources and Personnel Manager: U.S. Marine Corps

Ran and Maintained an entire Sub Division alone due to shortage of personnel

Afterward was moved to 2 more divisions in order to assist in repairing each individually

Learned Database manipulation to track and find mistakes in large sums of information

Responsible for the Personnel and Pay issues of over 150 Marines within the Battery

Gave one on one classes and periods of instructions on various Personnel issues

Participated in 1st Battalion 1st Marines mission to squelch rocket attacks into Baghdad from the region of Southern Babel during the 2005 Iraqi Elections

Took care of the day to day Pay and Personnel issues for the Units I was with and attached to.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, National University, graduated May 14th 2012.


Programming Complex Systems experience going back over a decade.

Brazilian born US Citizen, Bilingual-fluent in English, Portuguese & Spanish.

Eight years of distinguished military service ending as a Sergeant of Marines.

Active U.S. government military security clearance.


Github: https://github.com/bastosmichael

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelbastos

Available upon request.